Food Creations

I aspire to use cleansing and nutrient dense ingredients; ‘real’ food that can nourish the superhuman in us all.

*Ingredient Legend explains them in depth

All energy bites are rich in whole-foods and full of vitamins, minerals, providing sustained energy compared to the highly processed options. The contents can be compared to a ‘donut hole’ in appearance or size, but are far superior for human health and sustainability.

The fat contents have a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids which help to balance out omega-6 fatty acids that are more prevalent in the common Western diet full of animal products. Studies show that a diet high in omega-6 can lead to inflammation and other negative affects such as depression and obesity.

The main fats are also alkalizing, compared to animal fats which contribute to a highly acidic body, heart disease, and the leaching of calcium from our bones.

*All essential reasons why I make sure that the creations are all vegan!

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