My Story

The creation story began before I cleansed from my past of standard western eating and lifestyle. I jokingly say that I was raised on 5-cent candies, ‘hotdogs’ and ‘kraft dinner,’ which is not too far off from the truth since these foods attracted me and drew me into a cataclysm of addiction to sugar and bio-chemical dysfunction.

Having said that, I am truthfully, peacefully, grateful and thankful for my upbringing. I did of course also eat fruits and vegetables, and ate food fresh from family gardens. Being taught about food waste and world hunger issues, I understood the importance of being happy for all that was available and became empathetic of others who do not have their basic dietary needs met.

I enjoyed making cookies with my Dad and helped out with certain aspects of family dinners. But I still chose to work at Tim Horton’s as a first job, and further got sucked into the patterns of gluttony.


Insert transition story (hypothetically) ~ which includes healing from disordered eating, fasting with juices and raw foods, parasite elimination, bodily purging, herbal treatments, and a lot of rest and recovery.

Find out more details in the forward to the program I offer.


After completing a plant-based nutrition course and experimenting extensively (while having fun!) I have birthed original creations that reflect an aspect of a healthy diet.

The name: Crazee ended up sticking in the end, related to the ‘slang’ definition of crazy ~ unpredictable & nonconforming

Keep an eye and ear out for Veg Tables pop-ups coming in the near future.

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