‘Forward’ to the Nutritional Program Booklet

There are so many people, places, and things that I am thankful to have experienced which will help guide me through this program with you. I feel that I can help point you towards your own people, places, and things although I realize first hand that you also need to be accountable and responsible for your own role in this health journey; it is for you after all.

My own health journey began in 2012 when I began experimenting with different forms of cooking and eating. At this time the gluten-free trend was catching on and the fat-free, low-carb, sugar-free, and vegetarian diets had come to pass or were still popular as well. I was the Canadian kid who grew up on Kraft Dinner and Hot Dogs, spent many hours at a donut shop (Tim’s) at my first job, and got intoxicated with my friends as a way to celebrate life (Birthdays); not knowing any better is all I can offer to explain such experiences. Reason being, all of these things were, and still are considered normal. Yet all have been revealed to be completely toxic and have been proven to contribute to disease. They should not be normal! Hearing about a loved one being diagnosed with Allergies, IBS, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Dementia, or worse, have become normal. Scientists even warn us 1 in 3 1 in 2 people will develop cancer in the next generation; almost stated in the same way that the weather reporter warns of a nasty weather system blowing in!

I believe that we should not have to wait to be diagnosed with illness in order to make healthy lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, I am part of storyline, with my own health going downhill as I exited my teens; I had exhausted my partying days while unhealthy eating started to manifest noticeable issues, but I also believe that a near-death experience may have played a significant role in my perspective shifts. Life is put into perspective when we feel it become a gift when we are miraculously lucky in escaping accidental death.

I can comfortably say that I dug a ‘deep hole’ for myself and take full responsibility for my own choices. Realizing the complete reasons for our circumstance includes recognizing our participation and forgiving ourselves. The journey began for me with small changes, and slowly I gained momentum and realized profound healing.

Becoming a more conscious eater was where I began; Questioning and rationally evaluating what went into the food paralleled with being overwhelmed with greater awareness of sabotaging habits that were previously less conscious and not a non-issue. Finding labels and similar stories of people struggling with binge eating, irrational restrictions, anxious thoughts, and developing cyberchondriac habits was a major part of self-education. The internet is loaded with informed research on the dangers of  refined products that make up most if not all the processed foods. This served as validation and was not difficult to navigate, however the other realms such as self-diagnosis became very dangerous and damaging.

Standard doctor visits were unable to address the mass of symptoms that I was experiencing, yet the diagnoses were underwhelming and created a lack of trust in authentic help from western medical practice. I was told repeatedly that I was healthy and I should continue to stay active which is seemingly great advice, but I felt that there was an underlying cause of every illness that these doctors are simply overlooking and distracting us from. I was eventually referred to an anxiety group, which I never followed up with, since this suggestion made me feel like I was experiencing illusionary symptoms; basically being told that I should ‘talk it out’ and then I will be healed….

Many years past until I learnt of the serious scientific errors that plague our human society. Eliminating dairy in opposition of the “Got Milk” campaign was one change. Eliminating refined sugar and red meats was another. Eliminating gluten and looking into the real cause of gluten intolerance had me then critically look into genetically modified foods and also the most progressive and effective approaches to cleanse from toxins.

I would become totally immersed in the ‘health’ world, quickly discovering the countless, conflicting opinions along with the outright lies that are told to us as consumers. Persistence, commitment, and support are only some of the helpfulness thus far. Studies prove that whole foods can be all the medicine we need to gain momentum. The well-known quote from Hippocrates states this truth utterly clearly; “Let food be thy medicine.” In my Grandparents generation and all those before, food did not have to be labelled Organic or Natural; food was simply naturally organic. Let us connect once again with our pure selves, in alignment with the whole-foods and all of the plants which provide essential healing properties.


The program I offer is a way of giving back what I received. I mean to say that there are countless lessons, guides, healers, medicines and other tools available at any given time but to absorb the lessens without resistance or judgement is the only way real healing can take place.

The counselling that I offer will use the power of biology in creating your own medicine internally. Our bodies know what to do but most people neglect the fact that we need to support this wisdom. Instead, we sabotage our own natural ability to heal from within.

If instead simply being given a ‘pill’ and getting told to take it, they are filled in on how the pill works and how they play a role in how the pill works, there can be an opportunity for what is called synergy to influence the person’s well-being. I believe that it is time for us to concentrate on the cause of problems, stop managing the symptoms, and begin finding source solutions.

I will share facts and opinions, references, stories, time; supporting you to discover exactly what you seek.

I will ask that you try to let go of worry and embrace the present moment; allow yourself to honestly analyze the past in relation to food and self-reflect on all the influences that surrounded you up to now. Remember that we must not get caught up in the future, linger in the past for too long, or resist the now since the now is essentially all we have to act on.




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